Fashionable and Functional Coordinating Dog Collars and Leashes

Show your furry friend’s personality with coordinating dog collars and leashes. The leash laws are in effect for the safety of both humans and their pets, but your dog doesn’t have to have the same collar as all the other dogs in the neighborhood. Contrasting or matching leashes and collar sets give your pet a chance to make a fashion statement all their own.

Different Styles for Every Type of Dog

For the toy breeds, there are pastels, plaid and rhinestone dog collars with leashes to match, showing the world how special your animal is to you. Matching the style and color to their personality lets them put their best paw forward when out on the sidewalks with you.

Mid-sized pets can also have the cute collars the toy breeds wear, or something a little more suited to the owner’s personality, as well as their own.

Have a larger, tougher breed? Maybe you want something to match that. For that you can find all sorts of “bad to the bone” collars.

All these options show both your pet and the world how much these furry friends mean to their families, by allowing their own unique personality traits to show through.

Classic leather, braided nylon, decorative or simple, each animal deserves their own style when it comes to dog collars and leashes. Putting a collar on your friend that anyone could get at the local pet store doesn’t seem right somehow, when this animal is so special to you.

Let Your Dog Stand Out

People like to be fashionable and look their best, and our pets are a reflection of ourselves. With all the unconditional love and the happiness they bring, don’t these creatures deserve to stand out in their own right? Standard, mass-produced dog collars and leashes may be fine when you first get a new puppy, but when their personality comes out, and they are a part of your life, you may want something a little more unique for your pet.

Think Safe

When considering safety, reflective dog collars and leashes are the answer for twilight strolls, or after dark excursions with your pet. Sturdy leads keep them from darting out into traffic, or chasing after other animals they encounter along the way. There are even specialty training collars that will not harm the animal, nor choke them as some of the more common varieties do. No one wants to use pain and fear to train their animals, so calming collars and training varieties that are more humane are the perfect solution. Once the dog has an idea of the desired behavior when out walking, more customized, and fashionable accessories can be used.

With so many choices when it comes to dog collars and leashes, it would perhaps be best to take the time and find just the right one that matches your unique and special pet. Whether a studded leather look for a miniature poodle, or hot pink plaid for a German Shepard, every animal has their own quirks, and personality traits that can be reflected in what you choose for them to wear.

Fashion and Dress-Up Games

If you are entertained and enthralled by the universe of fashion and dress-up, then world wide web fashion and dress-up options are excellent for you. You never have to put on a shirt and you can be exposed to the dress-up world world of money, gorgeous clothing and glamour in only a few seconds.

Fashion games arent only entertainment, but for the fashion focused, they can also give you headway into the best and coolest styles of today. You can test them out, strut them on the red carpet, and do it once again without ever dropping expending a dollar on your own sweater or clothes.

Fashion games also allow you to move into the awesome planet of celebrity. Not only can you try on the most amazing, pricy clothes, you can also stop in viscerally into the planet of a red-carpet celebrity who will walk with you to their entertainment premiere, their press conferences, and to the hippest fashion shows. You can also choose to be a celebrity if you so choose, if you prefer that over being the hippest, nicest celebrity of today.

You dont have to stay with to set templates either, though. You can adjust and set up your favorite clothes, create your own, and set your own fashion and dress up styles. Be your own designer and set the newest dress-up trends of the present. Want to make blue sweaters the newest style for guys? Love leather olive skirts, and dream your idoloized TV star would look excellent in them?

Locating these games online is easy. Just find for dress up games, fashion games or some derivative and youll find a variety of games for your entertainment excitement. These games are excellent for kids and are kid friendly, if not completely targeted towards them. They will push your little ones into a exciting world of luxury, entertainment and non-stop thrills.

How to Balance Fashion and Masculinity

For any man, fashion is a tool that works to accentuate their best physical attributes. While the right suits for men can make you look fantastic, there is a certain balance you must keep between fashion and masculinity. Finding the right balance does not mean you should completely ignore the rules of fashion or follow every trend out there.

One should not be more important than the other.

Balance means determining the best look for your personality, your lifestyle, and your age. It means taking control of your wardrobe and figuring out what styles you look your best in. Whether you are looking for some eye-catching chinos, stylish men’s suits, or a classic tweed jacket, here are a few tips to ensure you are wearing the right cuts and styles of clothing to create that perfect balance.

Finding The Right Balance

Walking the line between fashion and masculinity is not always an easy concept, but with the following tips, it will be a little less difficult.

Determine Your Style- When you are trying to determine which style is right for you, it is best to consider your profession, your age, and where you want your life to go. If your profession lies in a creative field, you may want to consider more modern styles with trim fit, sleek lines, and a monochromatic colour palette. However, if your profession has you working with customers and clients on a daily basis, a more conservative approach is best. Determining the style that is right for you, whether it involves a blazer and chinos or a navy pinstripe suit, will help you avoid falling for trends and earn you the attention and respect you deserve.

Get a Woman’s Help- Shopping for the best fitting clothes can be difficult, and the honest eye of a woman can help. A female shopping partner will help you figure out what patterns, colours, and fabrics look perfect on you, and she will also help you choose the types of clothing that will accentuate your best features. With this type of assistance, you can be sure you will be admired by other women, which will increase your sense of masculinity.

Let Your Interest In Fashion Be Your Own- While exploring your own sense of fashion is wonderful, it is not something you want to discuss around the water cooler in the office. You may be able to tell another man in the office you like his shoes, but asking him where he purchased his chinos and how well they fit should be a topic reserved for your closest friends. Let your interest in fashion be your own, and try not to discuss it with other men.

Don’t Dress Down- Many men think that they are automatically giving up their masculinity if they dress well, so they choose more casual and relaxed clothing. This is a big mistake. Forgoing the stylish chinos or power suits can actually emasculate you and keep you from fully living your dreams and your life.

Balancing fashion and masculinity allows you to take control of not only your wardrobe, but your life. Whether you are interested in wearing tweed, blazers, chinos, or suits, choose the best fashion and styles for your age, profession, and lifestyle.

How to Keep Up With the Latest Fashions and Styles!

Are you stuck in a fashion rut? It happens to me once every three years. My problem is, that when I find a style I love, I want it to be fashionable forever.
Take bootleg trousers for example. I adored them. They made me look skinny, long legged and were suitable for work, shopping and clubs. Perfect!

What happened?

Skinny jeans happened and now jeggings.! (Jeggings are leggings styled to look like tight denim jeans.-just in case you’ve missed out on this particular fashion must have) Indeed my 15 year old cousin told me last week that he was wearing “meggings”. Apparently that’s the male version!

So how do you keep up with the latest fashions and styles?

Wardrobe workout!

Firstly I split my wardrobe into sections. “Classic Can Wear Forever” and “Was On-Trend At The Time,But Think I Need To Move On”. But stop, don’t throw those clothes in the bin just yet, keep them long enough and they will come back into fashion. A few years ago you wouldn’t have thought you’d ever be wearing shoulder pads would you?

So now there is space in your wardrobe, it’s time to update your style. Great, how do we start?

Personally I start with the fashion magazines and remember its not just clothes we are looking at, but hair, make up, nail varnish and a million and one different accessories.

I always plan for the season ahead, there is not much point in updating your summer wardrobe at the end of August. Prepare for Winter 2010. Have a good look at those magazines and get an idea of the colour trends, cuts and must have items. Circle the things that you like and start to build some outfits in your mind. Always bear in mind your shape, age and lifestyle. Restrictive ball gowns are not that great for doing the school run.

Have a fashioned themed party at home. Invite your friends and crack open a bottle of wine. Ask them to pick items they think you would look great in. Its sometimes interesting to find out how other people perceive you whilst remembering that your opinion is the most important.

Once you have got an idea of the outfits you want to create, its time to get down to money. Money talks. Set yourself a budget and stick with it. With all the high street competition available these days its easy to look on trend for less.

Be brave. Sometimes I dismiss the latest female fashion trends because they won’t suit me, but how do you really know if you never try them on. Set yourself a “try on” day and just keep trying different styles. You will be really surprised to see that clothes you would never normally dare to wear, can look super cool.

Once you have some staple outfits, accessorise, accessorise, accessorise.

Remember that you can also update older outfits with new accessories, scarves, gloves, headbands, handbags or shoes. Whilst on the subject of shoes, there is a simple fashion rule to remember, new season, new shape.

Now that your new wardrobe is finalised pick a new signature scent. Something to echo your new style, bohemian, youthful and whimsical or confident and powerful.